Fall arrives with a distinct scent in the air.  The landscape gives away to an ambient transition from green to yellow and orange.  It's a treasured time of year for all outdoor enthusiasts - a sense of wrapping up our adventures before nature settles into her winter slumber.  We saddle up our horses, load the saddle bags, and tie down our rain gear in anticipation of the ride ahead.  If you are not a hunter it could be easy to forget that with these fall changes, also comes hunting season.  The deeper we ride into the backcountry the more likely we are to happen upon hunters out there tracking game.   During this time of year safety is more important than ever. 

As spring settles, it's time to reflect on our first year.  Mountain Trekkers has become a success due to your help and willingness to take a chance on a new chapter.  In 2018 our members:

- Hosted 3 social events

- Staged the first annual Poker Ride fundraiser

- Collaborated with the US Forest Service and Colorado Parks & Wildlife

- Attended the USFS Sawyer Certification Course

- Successfully advocated for an equestrian & hiking trail in the new Eagle County Open Space

- Successfully increased the equestrian presence in the Colorado Parks & Wildlife Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreational Plan (SCORP)

- And so much more! (Details in our "News' section)

Trails we worked on include:

- Sundell

- Squaw Creek

- Muckey Lake

- Stag Gulch

- East Lake Creek

The most hours went into the Sundell trail, which required multiple work days, and will be completed in the 2019 season.  

BCH Colorado 2018 report showed 350 members, and 11,045 volunteer hours. Mountain Trekkers contributed 29 memberships and 410 volunteer hours.  The total impact Back Country Horsemen of America had in 2018 was valued at $12 billion! Each and every one of you contributed to this! 

Thanks to your generosity with your memberships and fundraiser attendance, Mountain Trekkers was able to purchase tools to be more effective, and purchase materials to help spread the word.  In addition to increasing our community presence and continuing our work on local trails, we have a number of fun events planned - such as:

- Equine Backcountry First Aid Clinic

- Spring Fling BBQ and Ride

- Taco Ride

- Chapter Overnight Camp Out

- Statewide BCH Camp Out

- Orienteering Clinic

It is the Boards sincerest hope that you see value in our chapter and continue to support us. We cannot continue to grow our success without you.  


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