• What does your membership do?
    • Provides funds for local trail maintenance
    • Membership numbers add weight to equestrian advocacy
    • Increases BCHA's community presence
    • Opportunities for community involvement
    • Buys you a ton of new friends (Just kidding, though we are a friendly group!)
  • What does membership cost?
    • Individual - $35
    • Family - $55
    • Youth - $25
  • Membership benefits
    • Discounts at Cavallo and US Rider
    • Social Rides
    • BBQ's
    • Community Events
  • How do I become a member?
  • Membership Service Area
    • MTBCH Chapter works within CPW's Area 8 which includes: Holy Cross Wilderness, Eagles Nest Wilderness, Hunter-Frying Pan Wilderness, Flattops Wilderness, and the White River National Forest.

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